Selenium Find Element by Ranorex Selocity [2021 Update]

Yes, Firepath and FireBug are dead! I am also so sorry for this. I loved both of them. They were very productive and handy tools for test automation engineers.  But, The king is dead, long live the King! and the new King will be Ranorex Selocity! as I guess.

This tutorial will be one of the shortest ones. I will describe and announce to you the new chrome interrogation add-on Ranorex Selocity.

selenium find element

You can download and install it to chrome very easily. When you installed it, you will see its icon on chrome as shown below.

ranorext selocity

After this step, you can interrogate any web element with Ranorex Selocity (a.k.a Selocity).

1) You can right-click on any web element and go to “Copy Selector” and copy one of the selectors as you wish.


2) If you right-click on any web element and click “Inspect“, you will open Chrome Developer Tools and you will see Ranorex Selocity section at the right part of to tool.

how to find element in selenium

3) When you click “Ranorex Selocity“, you will have many options to do as shown below figure.

selenium find element by css

4) You can also test your own selectors. Wow! This is great! :)

selenium find element by id

Hımmm, I think my CSS selector is better than the auto-generated one. What do you think? :)

That’s all guys! After Firebug’s and Firepath’s death, Selocity has been born and my first impressions are quite good. This tool is very promising!

See you in the next article!

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Onur Baskirt

3 thoughts on “Selenium Find Element by Ranorex Selocity [2021 Update]”

  1. Good article on Selocity, Onur! There are a few things that I would like to point out from the perspective of someone who’s used Ranorex until the end of 2015 – there were 1-2-3 major versions with big improvements after that.

    So from my perspective, this extension is a better alternative to the Ranorex Spy application.
    If you take a look at the screenshots you’ve provided, apart from CSS selectors and XPath paths, you will also see RXPath – this is Ranorex’s own flavor of XPath which aims to close the gap for selectors across all applications that can be automated with Ranorex – Windows desktop apps, mobile apps and web apps.

    Just a note that there’s probably EVEN MORE to Ranorex and the new Selocity and people who can afford the licenses should definitely check them out!

  2. Sounds like people have to move from Firefox to Chrome for this tooling change. FYI, for those looking to get similar functionality across browsers, I wrote on the topic some time back that has useful tips:

    and also this new Ranorex tooling is great and reminds me of another vendor’s goodies:

    be nice if Ranorex followed suit with a RanorexAppDriver kind of thing.


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