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How to Write Effective XPath Selenium Selectors – All Tactics Explained

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XPath Selenium tactics will help you to write effective selenium find by statements especially for locating dynamic web elements in selenium webdriver projects. Generally, test automation engineers struggle to write dynamic XPath at the beginning of [...]

Software Quality Test Report 2020 – Prepared by SWTestAcademy

By |June 22nd, 2020|Categories: Tools and Technologies|

Software Quality Report is finally ready! As you may all noticed, we conducted a questionnaire on QA activities at the end of 2018 and after that we missed the 2019 because of our work load [...]

Parallel Distributed Testing with Kubernetes, Docker, and Selenium Grid

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Hi all, for a long time I could not find time to write an article on swtestacademy because of the busy schedule at work. However, during the Eid holiday, I wanted to play with Kubernetes, [...]

Manage your Test Automation requirements with 5W1H method

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Hi all, this article consists of two main sections these are "Describing the initial situation for your Quality Assurance processes" and "Review & Compare Testing Tools". Let's start to elaborate on each of them in [...]

RobotFramework with Python 3 and Page Object Pattern plus BDD

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If you are a Python lover and need to automate your applications, just try RobotFramework with Python 3. I have written a simple web test automation project that includes general things that you will need. [...]