Hi all, I was at SeleniumConf 2017 Berlin with my team to promote my company Testinium which is a gold sponsor of the conference. As an author of Software Test Academy, I was to summarize some key points after seeing some of the keynote talks.


Your tests aren’t flaky, you are.” by “FriendlyTesterRichard Bradshaw emphasized that Flaky tests are a real challenge in test automation. You should solve it with proper waits but there are many of them. So start learning javascript to solve those problems.

In case your test behaves differently on another browser, don’t try to search for a solution on SeleniumHQ Github pages. Go to the driver’s GitHub page to search for a solution. Selenium core works aligned with W3C, the problem is on the driver.

ChromeDriver and Appium can automate anything. There was a solution combined with Raspberry Pi to automate TV application using Webkit.

You should contribute Selenium Community! It was interesting to see that Selenium Core doesn’t use a dependency management tool for any language supported. All dependency are in a folder to be able to create exact bit by bit builds as said by Simon Stewart.


There was very good talk about documenting projects. Make it searchable, make it a living document. Don’t you forget that your documents get old, update them oftenly. Think about non-technical users.

If you can’t manually test it, you shouldn’t automate it. Never start automation before manual checks are done.

Never underestimate the power of assertions. In case you don’t use them properly, you might have %20 pass ratio even if your server gets down!

Next year, the SeleniumConf event will be in Chicago. So get ready for it. See you at there!


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