If your client requires a flawless product, craft a legitimate test management plan. If you are running a tough software development cycle, a brilliant test management tool can help you handle half of the test management hassle.

There are multiple day-to-day testing activities that require deliberate alignment and management, such as tackling hundreds or thousands of test cases, making several custom defect reports, test case creation and execution, arranging releases according to the environments and test cases, bulk approval, team working, etc.

Within all these critical tasks, a powerful test management software tool is a blessing for the tiresome testers.

To help you in knowing about the top test management software on the internet, read on the compilation to assist you in making a better decision


Kualitee is one of the most dependable Test Management Tools available in the market. Kualitee is a feature rich cloud-based application available for both desktop and mobile versions. It lets the hectic testers create, execute, organize, manage, schedule, release and approve/disapprove several test cases. Testers can extract and understand defects by real-time visibility them through multiple formats and mediums.

Most importantly, Kualitee has three inbuilt set of integrations including Jira, Jenkins, and Bitbucket Pipelines. These integrations collaborate with any outside application and APIs. Speaking of APIs, Kualitee also has its own APIs that can be used to integrate with your favorite tools. These integrations help in creating and generating pipelines while creating custom bug reports is another forte of these robust integrations.

It focuses on the team working and lets the admin decide roles on the basis of already fixed privileges that maintains discipline and harmony and increased productivity in the end.

While the mobile app lets the testers and other members make changes with the most flexible controls whenever they want no matter how far away they are as the internet is the only requirement for running the Kualitee app.

It is a highly recommended tool if you are looking for some solid test management help.


Zephyr lets the user’s create and draft test cases while helping most in comprehensive reporting. It integrates with different CIs and owns REST APIs. It provides a deep outlook on the quality standards of a product as well as the quick status reports of the software project. It integrates with famous tools like JIRA, Bamboo, Selenium, Jenkins, Confluence, QTP/UFT, etc.


PractiTest is a commercial Test Management software that is an entirely SaaS and Agile based tool. It has various unique filters that can proficiently customize your requirements and perform, run, track bugs and create reports accordingly. It collaborates with highly used defect tracking tools such as Redmine, Pivotal Tracker, JIRA, Bugzilla, Selenium, etc.


It is one of the most used test management application amongst Agile and DevOps- based teams. It is a light and easy to use tool that assures smooth workflow via its efficient features. Besides providing seamless test management, it also integrates with JIRA, other APIs, and other automation testing tools. It promises to make every test step and test phase quality assured.


Hiptest is a continuous testing tool that assists Agile testing and QA teams to assess their software craft to its execution. It allows flawless creation, and implementations of test cases, no matter how huge they are in number. Hiptest underlies the Jira plugin and also integrates with other over 15 automation testing tools and frameworks.
It also helps in generating periodic documentation.


QAComplete is an all-in-one test management application that provides its users with flexible features such as prioritizing requirements, manage and release test cases, and much more.

It is a test management hub that reports and traces any hidden bugs with the help of integrations like TestComplete, Selenium, SoapUI, etc. It also collaborates with project management tools such as Bugzilla, Jira, Visual Studio, and many more.

It is highly adaptive to convert into any development environments, whether Waterfall or Agile.


Plutora is an up-to-date corporate level test management software that channels the replete with software testing activities from traditional to modern development approaches.

It supports in creating testing designs, providing feedback, test execution, and enhances productivity in the product by reducing the time and budget constraints. It acclimatizes the product with a set of integrations, most importantly, Jira and Selenium.

It enhances the teamwork with logical analysis, decided key metrics, and better reporting facilities. It has a user-friendly interface that provides every team member with a laser focus visibility of every execution and implementation.

Meliora TestLab

Meliora TestLab has an extensive string of features that sets with every complicated methodology and strategy. It has the easy infrastructure and flexible user control that be effortlessly apprehended by a new tester. It greatly helps in defect management, test case creation, and implementation, and maintaining the workflow optimization.

Without getting clumsy, the tool assists in both manual and automated testing practices with causing any delays in the product’s release.

Also, Meliora Testlab is an ALM tool that has various bug tracking modules. Moreover, it integrates with most significant CI and defect trackers.


TestLink is an open source Test Management Tool. Its features include test requirements, schedule, bug reporting, understanding defects, and tracking. It lets users track progress and quick status of the project with the help of charts and reports. Other features include assigning roles and keywords, specifying necessities and granting privileged permissions, user-friendly interface, defect recording, metrics support and much more.


XQual design helps in avoiding common errors that arise while testing due to inadequate and poor test management. It delivers integrated and collaborated management of information kept in MySQL. It also lets the testers run fully equipped, schooled, planned automated or manual testing cycles.

Furthermore, XQual can also be integrated with other Continuous Integration Platforms.


It is a web portal that serves as a test management tool that promotes teamwork and adds value to the end product of running multiple test cycles. It groups test cases on the priority basis without consuming any extra minutes. The UI friendly tool also supports uninterrupted communication with the team members.

Now, you can be a better judge and decide which application to choose from a powerful Test Management Tool. Choose wisely!

This article is written by Syed Qasim by Kualitee.