Hello everybody,

While browsing GitHub, I found a very easy to install/deploy application for automation newbies. Everybody who want to learn automation with Selenium or any other framework is looking for a real web site to work on so they can improve them self on automation. Production like application are complex. HTML, CSS are not easy to read. There are so many XHR calls and Javascript events. It’s good to isolate yourself from those at first step. Those stuff should be your next steps in automation path.

Our demo application is in https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-petclinic

It’s a Java based application built on Spring boot framework. It has an in-memory database populating all the startup data. All you need to do is to clone the source code from Github to your local and run some maven commands.

Except for Maven, you don’t need to install anything.

For newbies, it’s going to be very handy to work on that web application. It does not have a very complex HTML and CSS structure. Besides that you can play with the application code, make some changes (adding custom automation id’s to web element or even adding a new functionality) and redeploy the app.

All the commands to run the application are written on GitHub.

By the way you can also use this application for Performance Testing too after deploying to a cloud provider or in your local. It will be very fun to work on it.

Hope you’ll enjoy the app and have a good automation journey!