Hello everybody, This week, I am going to talk about TestCon 2018 where I held an Apache JMeter workshop and gave a speech about “Being a Performance Test Engineer”.

The event took place at Lithuania in Vilnius. First of all, Vilnius is a great city with its old town and great parks. I suggest you go there during autumn to see all those beautiful parks covered with thousands of different colors. Bye the way, in case you are a beer fan, Lithuania has some great breweries like Bambalyne (http://www.bambalyne.lt/). You should try them.

Let’s jump on the event. The first day of the event was about workshops. There were so many valuable workshops given by trainer from all over Europe.

My workshop was based on JMeter. I showed the basics of JMeter on Restful, SOAP web services and web site testing.

During the conference, speakers talked about the web, mobile, visual regression, performance, and security testing from different points of view. They presented different tools, libraries, and frameworks.

As far as I see, visual regression testing is on the rise. Every company is able to automate their regression suites with the help of Selenium, Appium or some other tools. But the new challenge is to test a responsive web design.

Here are some takeaways on tools, libraries, test automation solutions worth to take a look at:

Also, you can check this article for more visual test automation tools.

In near future, TestCon team will post all the videos online and then you will be able to watch all the talks.
Canberk Akduygu