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Test Case Template is many testers’ skeleton for creating Test Case Document. Many companies have their own templates. Also, it depends on sometimes the test management tools. Especially, in enterprises testers write test cases in excel test case documents and then they use import excel test case functionality of the test management tool to import their test cases into the test management tool. We were also working in a big enterprise where HP QC (HP ALM) was a test management tool. Later on, much faster, leaner, and agile test management tools have been risen such as TestRail, Zephyr, TestLodge, etc. By using these tools you can directly write your test cases without using excel sheets. They also provide excel import and export functionality but smart and fast teams do not rely on it and write their test scenarios by using only these tools.

Even you are using excel documents or test management tool, a test case document comprises of some critical and important fields such as:

Test Case ID

Test Case Title


Test Case Summary or Test Case Description or Test Objective

Test Priority

Test Severity

Prerequisites or Pre-Condition

Test Data

Test Steps

Expected Results

Test Status or Actual Results (Passed – Failed – Blocked – Untested – Retest – In Progress)

Comments or Remarks

Sample Test Case Template | Test Case Document

In the above section, I just tried to share with you sample data fields of a test case document. You can use all of them or some of them based on your company and testing procedures. I would like to share with you ready to download templates which I used in several environments. You can use and modify any of them.

Test Case Template for HP QC

Test Case Template for Enterprise

Microsoft Word Test Case Template

Agile Test Case Template

Test case format is not a static document. You can use any format and change it based on your environment, development methodology, test policy, and company.

I hope this article will help you about test case template, test case document, test case format, and this similar stuff.

Onur Baskirt

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