Allure Report JUnit 5 is a solution for test automation reporting. Allure Report is very popular reporting tool in all around the world. We used allure when I was working in and also it is used in Emirates Airlines too. Before, I wrote a comprehensive article on Allure Report TestNG. In this article, I will explain test reporting with Allure Report JUnit 5. Let’s start to do the integration of Allure Junit 5.

Step-1: Download Allure Command-Line Interpreter

In order to generate a report, we should install Allure command-line interpreter.

  1. Download the latest version as a zip archive from bintray.
  2. Unpack the archive to allure-command-line directory.
  3. Navigate to the bin directory.
  4. Add allure to system PATH.


Step-2: Modify Maven pom.xml 

You should add JUnit 5, Allure and Selenium libraries in your pom.xml as shown below.