Hi all, in this short article, I will explain how to install node.js and NPM on windows. In order to run JavaScript at server side, you need to use Node.js it is a version of Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime engine. It is also used for developing desktop applications and deploying some productive tools. With NPM which installs and manages Node modules, it is easy to add several useful tools.


  • In order to use Node, we should use command line tools like command prompt, PowerShell or Git shell.
  • Windows installer of Node.js (Download Link)

Installation Steps

Download the Windows installer of Node.js

Run the installer.

Follow the instruction below.


Restart your computer!


Test Node is working

Open command prompt and type node -v you should see the node’s version:

Test NPM is working

Open command prompt and type “npm -v you should see the NPM’s version:

Create a Test File and Test It

Open a text file and wrote below command and save as test.js

console.log(‘Node is installed!’);

Then, run it on command prompt as “node test.js

You can update node and npm with new releases easily. It automatically overwrites the new files and if you want to uninstall them just go to control panel –> program and features and uninstall Node.js.

With these installations, we can easily install and use NPM modules.

That’s all for now.