Sometimes due to some temporarily problems such as connection problems, server problems, browser issues, mobile application crashes and freezes and so on our tests fail. In these kinds of situations, we may want to rerun our tests automatically. But how? We can handle this with test frameworks such as TestNG and JUnit. In this post, I want to show you how to solve this problem with JUnit. Also, you can do the same operation with TestNG. It is a great test framework and actually more QA friendly. In another post, I will also explain how to do the same operation with TestNG using several ways. Especially, you can handle many situations with TestNG Listeners and this is another post topic. Rerun Tests JUnit.

In my Junit Rules post, I described how to write Custom Rules and I showed a sample custom ScreenShot Rule implementation.  In this post, we will create a similar custom Rule class which implements TestRule class.  We need to override evaluate() method and write retry logic in it.

Let’s do an example and see how it works? Rerun Tests JUnit

We need two classes, one of them is our Rule Class ->> RetryRule and the other is our Test Class ->> RetryRuleTest.

In RetryRuleTest class, I will open and get its title and check it with WRONG expected title. Thus, our test will fail and I will expect that our test rerun according to given retry count argument. I set retry count as 3 in our example.

RetryRule Class:

RetryRuleTest Class:


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