Boxing and Unboxing in Java with Examples

In Java, we are facing the term Boxing and UnBoxing and in this short article, I will share with you what is boxing and unboxing in Java with basic examples.

Let say, we have an integer variable and it is a primitive integer variable that should be declared by “int” keyword. Also, we have a reference type for integers which is declared by “Integer“.

Now, let’s make it more tangible with some examples!

Boxing and Unboxing Example in Java

public class BoxingUnBoxing {
    public void boxingUnBoxing() {
        int counter = 30;
        Integer boxedCounter = counter;
        System.out.println("Boxed Counter: " + boxedCounter);

        int unboxedCounter = boxedCounter;
        System.out.println("Unboxed Counter: " + unboxedCounter);

The output:

boxing and unboxing in java

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Thanks for reading. 
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