Software Quality Report is finally ready! As you may all noticed, we conducted a questionnaire on QA activities at the end of 2018 and after that we missed the 2019 because of our work load and Covid-19 crisis.. One month ago, we decided to conduct another survey and thanks to all responders, we got more than 60 people from all over the world (Ukraine, India, Netherlands, South Africa, United States, UK, etc…).

Let’s see the results…

How do you describe your company?

Here’s the overview of the participants.


What is Your Title in Your Company?

We are on the right track, most of the participants are working in QA area. But we think we need to focus on developers in the future as development activities and testing activities starts to become more attached to each other since DevOps activities continuously grows.

Which automation activities do you have in the company?

As we can see, almost every company automate their web applications. Then it’s followed by API Automation by 78% compared to the 70% of the last year. API is sky rocketing! We can conclude that companies believe the value coming from both activities. 63% of the participants states that mobile automation is in their life. Last year it was 50%. There is a big difference on mobile automation. It’s likely that it will be increased next year also. We still see so many people doing desktop application automation. There is a slight decrease but it is still close to 33% of last year. 

Which development language are you using in your automation projects?

Java is still leading the top as development language on test automation project. This year C# and Javascript changed their position dramatically. Javascript adoption skyrocketed. It was 19% last year and it’s 41%. It doubled its adoption. 

This was our prediction of last year 🙂 So we are on the right track.

There are many JS library published on GitHub with many boiler plate project. Don’t you dare not trying one of these 🙂

Edit: Somehow Python is aggregated under Others options, but there are 5 participants who uses Python also. Thanks to our careful readers, we realized that mistake and corrected it!

Which automation tools/libraries are you using?

We did not have a dramatic change on the tools and libraries that people are using. Except for Cypress. It increased its adoption from 2.5% to 7% this year and it will continue growing as we see many people adopting it in their projects and Cypress gives very good sign on new features.

When digging in the responses we realized that people don’t stick one tool and library. They use two, three may be four difference library. It’s good to have more tool in your skill set. Don’t forget that not every tool is suitable for every problem you are facing. Better to be a Swiss army knife. But we expect this list to be a little bit stable for a few years 🙂

According to our responders we see ConceptJS  and Katalon usage too.

For compatibility issues, which browsers are tested in web automation projects?

This question got almost the same responses compared to last year’s survey. We see that priorities are still the same.

How many UI automation test case does your team/company maintain?