Publishing a Website to Azure

You can follow the below steps for this tutorial

  • How to deploy a web project to an App Service web app by using Visual Studio.

Prerequisites: Visual Studio, Azure SDK

Azure supports many different deployment models to deploy your website you can use one of them below.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Continuous Integration (git etc..)
  • FTP to Azure

In order to deploy your website to windows azure you’re going to need to set up an account, you can create an account for free and have a free trial.

Portal: First login into the Azure Portal



Open Visual Studio and create a new ASP.NET web project follow File > New > Project. In the New Project dialog box, click Visual C# > Web > ASP.NET Web Application name given “SWTestAcademy” select “MVC” project and click “OK” button.


Azure Application Insights monitors your web app for availability, performance, and usage.


A publish settings file is an XML file which contains information about your subscription. It contains information about all subscriptions associated with a user’s Live IdConnection strings about db connection settings

On Profile, tab click to import -> browse select publish settings file you saved on your hard drive.



On the Connection tab of the Publish Web dialog box, click Publish, you will see the below dialog box. If you want to publish directly from Visual Studio, you need to select Web Deploy


validate the connection information, choose your publish method


choose which files to include in the deployment.


Finally, click publish!  You can view the publishing progress within Visual Studio.


Publishing takes few seconds, afterward you can visit your website.


I m going to make some modifications to the index of the HTML file and re-publish it again.


change to SWTestAcademy and publish again to see diference.



Hope this helps you!
Onur Yazir

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