This article  we are going to help you use the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) installation & configuration to access Amazon S3

  • Set up  and Configure  Pip & Python
  • Install awscli using pip
  • Set up and configure  aws cli tool 
  • Check and Verify
  • AWS console configuration

Install python-pip:

Then let’s install python-pip and any required packages: OR

We can  use curl and python to download and install Pip.

Install AWS CLI using pip :

AWS Console Configuration :

Before start to use AWS CLI we need to create user with right permissions. So I created a new user “swtestacademy”

Click on Users on the left side.


Click the Create New Users button.


Click the Download Credentials button and save the credentials.csv file


Click on the Permissions tab and then click on the Attach Policy button.


Open terminal :

The AWS CLI will prompt you for four pieces of information. AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key are your account credentials



AWS CLI stores credentials specified with aws configure in a local file named credentials in a folder named .aws in your home directory and installation can be verified using below command.

Now I can create s3 bucket – to create a new bucket named my-first-backup1


AWS-CLI can list s3 buckets which I created before


AWS regions & endpoints information



Terminate your instance:


for more information about aws-cli visit

Hope you find helpful